the short answer

The whole reason I decided too make this blog is because I like writing. My fiance is also starting a blog and I’m incredibly jealous of her writing abilities, so I decided to start writing again as well. I don’t get the chance to write too often anymore, so this will be my creative outlet.

If you are asking what this blog is supposed to be about, then fret not, because I will explain. I have a lot of thoughts, most of which are NSFW, let only NSFC (Not Safe For Church), but as a practicing Christian, I have to figure out some way to talk about these interesting subjects, and of course the internet is the perfect place for those. Subject matter will be divided into categories, but for the most part, this blog will have collections of thoughts about theology and philosophy from a very casual perspective. Some of these posts might even warrant me turning them into full blown, well researched articles, but that takes more time than I really have right now, so maybe one day…

I had to make a name for myself on the internet, so I put down a few on a list and looked at them.

  • Heretical Me St. Elmo
  • The Noble Pagan
  • Well Done Good and Faithful Servant
  • The Stake
  • Versus Mundas

As you can tell, there is a theme and that theme is heresy. Why heresy? Because that’s the easy label given to theology that doesn’t fit with the standard, accepted practices of religion. The ideas I plan on throwing out there are not popular; some of them will be made up by myself for no good reason other than “one day I was thinking”; and still others will be reminders as to what should be accepted practice but is somehow overlooked.

Take everything I say, not as if I believe it, but as if it were something that popped into my head. It doesn’t have to be true, its just something to think about. So, please tell me what you thought about when these ideas entered your head, and Enjoy.


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