1. Figuring you out

I made a set of these little comics through the inspiration of Joey Comeau and his A Softer World series. They were amazing. Every time I picked one up, my friends and I would laugh a little, and then give an exhaustive sigh, as the reality of whatever Joey had written finally settled in past the humor of itself. It was like a good food that gives you different tastes as it moves throughout the parts of your mouth: tasting sweet, then burning the tip of your tongue, and leaving a warm savory sensation in the back of your throat.

I’m no Joey Comeau, but god do I wish I was.

I’ve often wondered if I should explain what I meant by these, or if I should just leave them. If you get it, you get it, and if you don’t, oh well.

I’ll explain this one though. This was how I treated love with every person I ever met. Love was equal to figuring them out. If I could stereotype them, they weren’t worth the time. Nowadays I don’t think that’s entirely the case because I think I have gotten to understand my Fiance, and yet I still love her. So maybe my love has moved beyond knowledge.


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