Scene 1

   Paul and Stephen were two of my better students. Not only were they the model of friendship and roommates, but you couldn’t have asked for more ideal students to represent the image of our campus. Both said “Yes, sir.” and “No, Ma’am.”. They held the doors open for everyone, dressed nicely; were athletic; and from what I heard from their professors, were excellent scholars. 
     Paul was outgoing and spoke well. His demeanor told everyone that he knew what he was doing, and you could regularly see him outside at a bench, praying, or reading his Bible. As for Stephen, he was a little more reserved, but still always so full of energy and passion, ready to confront the wrongs of the world and make them right; humble too. You never saw much of Stephen outside of the daily routine of class though; I always assumed he was in his room doing homework or devotionals. 
     Stephen collapsed on his bunk and attempted to smother himself in his own pillow.
     “Why?!” His voice was muffled for obvious reasons, but the question was still loud enough to be heard.
     “Because they want to know exactly how much you know about the Bible. That way, when you take this test again as a Senior, they will be able to say that you actually learned something.” Paul said as he walked into their bedroom and slipped his book-bag onto his desk.
     Stephen pulled his face up. “They want us to take it again?!”
     And his face returned back to the depression it had made in the pillow. He rolled over and began rubbing his fingers. “I think I filled out over 500 scan-tron bubbles in the last 2 hours.”
     Paul took a seat as his desk and began to sort his binders on it. “That’s strange, because I only remember there being 400 questions.”
     “That’s because I got some wrong, and others were not just one bubble answers! How am I supposed to honestly answer questions like ‘what kind of relationship do you have with God?’ In a freaking bubble?!”
     “Slowly and painfully, apparently.”
     “Its like they just wanted me to eventually give up!” Stephen rolled to face his roommate. “They practically forced me to just start filling in the blanks.”
     Paul’s eyes gleamed a bit. “And exactly what did you put down for how much Jesus loves you?”
     “I gave him a three. He could do better to fulfill my immediate needs.”
     “Then congratulations, you pass.”
     In a similarly sarcastic tone, Stephen replied, “Thanks, I’ll cherish this moment forever.”
     Paul rocked back in his chair and let out a sigh. “We’re changing already.”
     “Ever since we were little, we’ve always gone to church ever so obediently, how come its taken all of  2 months of Bible college to make us jaded towards the whole experience.”
     “I don’t know, man. I assume that you can only take so much of one thing before it starts to kill you.”
     “You’re right.” Paul agreed.
     “I think I’ve had too much of life.” Stephen continued. He smiled warmly. “But if putting on a good face is what its going to take to get through this, then we can at least do it for another four years.”
     Paul leaned back, reaching out his hand to grasp Stephen’s. “I’ve always liked acting; I’ve had to do it with my parents for most of my life, what’s another four?”
     “Just don’t play that Bible college student act around me.” Stephen insisted, squeezing Paul’s hand tighter. “I can only take so much.”

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