I can’t vote properly

Apparently, I suck at voting. I just can’t vote properly.

Everyone asked me, “Who are you voting for?”

I told them, that after a lot of thinking, I decided that neither of the representatives from the major parties were representing my interests, so I was not going to vote.

The response I received was obviously everything short of a physical beating.

“You’re throwing away everything! All the sacrifices of those who came before you, and you’re squandering it! At least vote one way or another!”

First, I didn’t ask them to sacrifice for my freedom, and second, those who stood up and/or died for my right to vote gave me the right to vote. That means that before, and even now, I have the right to not vote. Its called abstaining, and its something that happens in politics all the time. Look it up. Its where someone is present for the vote, but refuses to vote.

The immediate follow up on all of that huffing and puffing is being told that I am not allowed to complain about the proceedings of the political systems for at least the next 4 years.

This is also not true. You can’t stop me from complaining; it’s my God-given right that you so carefully seem to know so much about. If anything, you shouldn’t be allowed to complain if you keep pouring money into supporting the system that you hate so much. So if you pay taxes, you shouldn’t be allowed to complain because you keep paying the salary of the Politician you despise.

And if it was a matter of not voting? People in Canada don’t vote in the United States Presidential Election, but you can bet your bottom dollar they are going to be effected by it one way or another. Of course they’re allowed to complain. They should be allowed to complain the most, because none of them voted, and they don’t pay to keep the people they hate in power, yet they’re stuck with consequences from our political system.

Me: “Okay. Fine. I’ll vote. For Third-party.”

“What! You’re throwing your vote away!”

Me: “But you just said to vote-”

“Yeah! But if that’s the case, you might as well take a vote from the good side and giving it to the devil!”

Ooooh! I see now. You didn’t just want me to vote. You wanted me to vote for YOUR candidate. My bad, I must have gotten confused before. I am enlightened now, and see that God only favors your party and justifies their politics. My deepest apologies.

You see before, I thought all the candidates were people, representing the interests of varying sides, none of which were wholly good, but which had some merit to them. Now I understand that all the other parties besides your own are either controlled by Satan, or are Satan himself. I would have been lost without you; not knowing who I should have voted for.

At the end of this I am still stuck with my own little self-righteous opinion.

Liberals: Too much government. Too much money being spent that we don’t have. I can totally get the conspiracy of the Liberal Media just watching you.

Conservatives: If you call yourself a Christian nation (which you aren’t), then why are you not loving your enemies, being a shelter for the weary, and a good caretaker of the Creation God gave you?

Both sides have incredibly smart people backing them. They came to separate conclusions for separate reasons, yet we keep insisting each side is a chalk-full of either ignorant idiots or the willfully malicious devil in disguise.

P.S.- This entire rant was inspired by hilarious dialogue between myself and my friends who have all been berated for various reasons by various sides for our various political opinions. Apparently no gets it right.


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